Vote Meredith Buck

Candidate for PA State Representative, District 144

Meredith Buck has spent her life serving others. If you elect her as your State Representative she will serve our families, our children and our seniors – not the partisan politicians.




Meredith's Endorsements

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Why I'm Running

Government must balance the needs of all the people and meet those needs.


Partisan politicians in our state government have ignored too many of us for too long. If you send me to Harrisburg I will hold the politicians accountable and work to make sure our government serves the people of District 144, particularly our children, our seniors and others who cannot advocate for themselves. I have spent years doing this as a private citizen. If you elect me, I will put this experience and this passion to work for you and your families.


As a nurse, attorney and mother who runs a small business, I understand the issues facing our Commonwealth. During my 20 years in Chalfont, I have been privileged to talk with many of you about your concerns and your hopes. If elected, I promise to continue to listen – and do everything I can to give you a voice in Harrisburg. 

"As a mother, a nurse, a lawyer and a small business owner, I understand the issues facing our Commonwealth."

- Meredith Buck, Candidate for PA State Representative, District 144