Meet Meredith

Community service is the hallmark of Meredith Buck’s 20 years in Chalfont Borough.

A critical care and operating room nurse, she has aided those who cannot care for themselves. Following the terrorist attacks of Sept, 11, 2001, Meredith volunteered for the Red Cross at Ground Zero. She has continued her work with the Red Cross and in 2009 received the organization’s highest international honor, the Florence Nightingale Award, in recognition of her work in disaster relief and nursing education.


Meredith has been an attorney for more than 15 years and has her own practice specializing in family law, mediation and medical consulting. She has been honored by the county and state bar associations for her ongoing pro bono work with victims of abuse. Meredith finds time for other volunteer work as well, helping to found Friends of Historic Chalfont and serving on the board of Central Bucks Emergency Medical Service and as an at-large member of the Chalfont Borough Blighted Review Committee


Meredith has an adult daughter, Lindsay, a travel and food blogger, who was Youth Development Volunteer Coordinator for the Peace Corp.